Terra Pak Powder

Terra Pak Powder



                                   Terra Pak Powder                     Terra Pak Powder

                         MSRP        4lb jar  $63.95                                          8lb pouch  $129.00


Terrapak provides natural pain relief.  Enjoy these facts about it.  Clay is used around the world as a natural way to relieve pain from cuts, insect bites and stings.  The itching caused by eczema and psoriasis is relieved and the skin is treated to the great natural curative properties of this premium montmorillonite clay.  Terrapak is used as a body wrap to help with overall body pain from nerve and tissue pain due to illness.   

Fibromyalgia and arthritic pain is soothed when Terrapak is applied,  Joint and tissue problems cause pain that is alleviated  when Terrapak is applied.  Terrapak is anti-bacterial.  Children sometimes react adversely to ointments and tinctures when treating a cut or sting. Fact: We have never heard of a child not wanting some “magic mud” to put on the cut or sting or other boo-boo.  Insect and spider toxins are a problem after getting stung or bitten.  The anti-toxin quality of Terrapak makes it an ideal product for this application.     

We know that ancient man used clay in many different ways.  The use of clay for pottery is an early example.  Indian tribes used to travel many miles to get to the area of their sacred earth.  They would carry it in pouches.  It was useful for the many wounds that they would suffer in their extreme world.  When nomadic tribes of North American Indians traveled, they carried their sacred earth.  It was rolled into balls and treated with honey.  It was a nutritious treat for the papoose who had to live in harsh environmental conditions.  Terrapak is an all-natural pain reliever that is a brand of ION-MIN®  premium montmorillonite clay products.  Made in the U.S.A.  

California Earth Minerals is a company dedicated to helping others find the great healing qualities of premium montmorillonite clay and the many benefits that are available with its use.  Entrepreneurs, health food store owners, pet food stores, e-commerce store owners are all invited to apply as a reseller.  This is a real green business opportunity.  Especially, if our green clay face mask is on your inventory sheet.  Use any of the, Become a Dealer, links and apply today.


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