Reseller Opportunities

Reseller Opportunities (Wholesale Channels)

California Earth Minerals Corporation® (CEMC) is a manufacturer that sells direct only to resellers. We support our resellers by providing an excellent line of products to help reach sales quotas and an efficient ordering/delivery process. You will feel good knowing that the 100% natural products you sell are delivering outstanding health benefits backed by a consistent product efficacy recorded since 1946. .

reseller channels

Exclusive natural products, solid profit margins, fast and efficient shipping all work to build customer loyalty and repeat business is all available with this profit center. Review the details of the two authorized reseller channels listed below to see if one is right for you.

California Earth Minerals Corporation® Reseller Benefits.

  • Great brand development & promotion by CEMC

  • Product sold commercially since 1946 – tried & true

  • Solid profit margins – discount pricing not acceptable

  • High quality natural products – backed by research

  • Rare products are unique - - cannot be duplicated

  • Periodic promotions and special volume price breaks

  • Excellent customer service – Responsive fast shipping

  • Drop shipping and less than a case orders - available

  • Co-op advertising support possibilities with Dealers

  • Promotional samples and literature available for both


reseller channels Medical Practitioners Two Reseller
Retail Operations Retail Operations–E-Stores-Co-ops


CEMC works with two reseller channels. Will one of these fit with your business plan? Medical Practitioners and Dealers. Medical Practitioners receive wholesale prices and have no annual minimum order requirement in order to stay active. Dealers have a low volume requirement in order to maintain their wholesale purchaser status.


Medical Practitioner


Margin- Discount Wholesale with volume incentives Profit margin in line with industry – some additional volume incentives
Initial Order Minimum

Annual Orders
One Case

Five Cases

Five Cases

Discount Flexibility

Support MSRP – No Discount on third party web sites – 15% limit under/20% over

Support MSRP – No Discount on third party web sites – 15% limit under/20% over

Sales Promotion

Educational Info Available upon Request

Varies - Seasonal

Ordering & Shipping

Order via email ships within 2 business days – U.S. only gets Free Shipping

Order via email Shipping times vary on order volume U.S. only gets – Free shipping

Drop Shipping

Less than case orders?

YES - Available

YES – Some limits

YES - Available

YES – Some limits

Payment Options

Private Label Option

Cash, PayPal, Credit or debit card, Wire transfer, Company or Personal check

YES - Contact Us

Cash, PayPal, Credit Card or debit cards Wire transfer, Company check

Yes - Contact Us
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