Private Label Program

California Earth Minerals has an excellent Private Label program for companies that wish to place their own branding using containers filled with one of our natural Premium Montmorillonite Clay products.  This opportunity is available for Distributors only.

saleThe program is limited to Distributors because it is a huge undertaking launching a product with no history and that happens when a new name is put on our clays.  All of the testing and research by California Earth Minerals is no longer valid.  The testing is done using our brand names and any product with its own name needs to have its own validation.  This is to avoid confusion in the marketplace.

California Earth Minerals is proud of the results that laboratory tests and University studies reveal about our Premium Montmorillonite clays and happily share these results with the many Medical Practitioners, Dealers and Distributors that represent our brands.  It is important for consumers to know these facts.

This is just a precautionary note for young companies just starting out.  Larger companies that have already established their own identities can absorb the costs associated of introducing a new brand to the marketplace and many rely on their own audience who are willing to buy a new product from a familiar name. 

Dealers and DistributorsYoung companies are typically vying for the same market that California Earth Minerals Dealers and Distributors presently serve and may find it difficult to compete due to the lack of any evidence of efficacy of the product without access to the long history of our familiar brand names. 

There are many areas in the United States and Internationally that there is no local representation for the Premium products sold under the California Earth Minerals umbrella.  We invite anyone considering opening a new business to explore the wholesale purchase program offered and then use the test results and research from our files to boost their marketing efforts.  ION-MIN products have a long and successful history of use since 1946. 

It is more difficult for a Company with a new named product to compete with tried and true, safe and effective products manufactured by a well-established and trusted name brand. However, for the larger better known Companies it is often better to absorb a new product and enclose it with a name identity known to its customers. brandsCalifornia Earth Minerals has established this private label branding process with a few Companies and continues to offer this relationship to its Distributors. To be clear though, it is a process that is engaged only after a Company has become a Distributor first.

If your Company wishes to explore the Private Labelling program or establishing an exclusive selling program within certain Territories, please contact us to begin a dialogue.