Nutramin minerals for the body


Veterinarian Approved and Recommended

        For the animals shown below

minerals for the body

Nutramin is an edible minerals product made as an Universal nutrition supplement for all animals, large and small.  We are all connected to Mother Earth.  Highly effective mineral supplement for all earthly creatures.  It has many topical applications that are beneficial.

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8oz. jar
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2lb pouch
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4lb pouch
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8lb pouch
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Nutramin Edible minerals - Animal

Nutramin is a natural product with a Universal application.  All animals are struggling with degenerative diseases that are symptomatic of nutrition deficiency.  You can help by providing Nutramin to your pet or farm animal and they will live a more healthy existence which will insure they are with you for many years.

Nutramin is a 100% natural supplement that delivers a balanced portfolio of over 50 macro, micro and trace minerals. It is Veterinarian approved and recommended.  Nutramin is anti-bacterial and is effective in removing harmful parasites and toxins that prevent an animal from enjoying optimal health.*


  • Over 50 Ionic, colloidal minerals for easy ingestion

  • Anti-Bacterial, removes toxins and pathogens

  • Improves digestion and soothes digestive tract

  • Stimulates the immune system

  • Calcium helps maintain healthy teeth, gums, coat, nails, claws

  • Contributes to strong bones and joints and relieves joint pain

  • Helps heal bruises, cuts, bites, stings, and wounds

 Acid Reflux..  Flea Allergy..  Foot Problems..  Healthy Bones.. Healthy Teethspan>.. Stomach Upsets,, Hotspots.. Paws, Claws and Hooves Aids Healing Fractures... Healthy Gums Intestinal… Localized Mange… Thrush… Builds Bone Density   Healthy Oral Cavity