minerals for the body

California Earth Minerals Corporation is a wholesale only manufacturer that produces and distributes, through its authorized resellers, 100% natural ION-MIN® mineral products for people and pets.

All brands use an ultra-fine, all-natural, source of Premium Calcium Montmorillonite clay. The ION-MIN® brand, TERRAMIN® is an excellent edible mineral, available in powder, tablets and caplets used to detoxify and to supply a Mega dose of minerals internally. Terrabathe™, Terrasilk™ and Terrapak™ are ideal external applications for every human body. California Earth Minerals Corporation is committed to the cause of health, sustainable living and science.

Resellers: check out the green business opportunity that these great products provide. Our reseller channels are growing, welcoming Medical Practitioners and Retailers who provide ION-MIN natural brands to their patients and health conscious customers.

Healing clays have been used for thousands of years. ION-MIN clays began offering an edible clay choice 67 years ago. California Earth Minerals is the company that began the edible clay movement in the United States.

The efficacy of healing clays is now becoming well known nationally and this fast growing industry means there is a green business opportunity for retailers, co-ops, and formulators. Acupuncturist, Chiropractors, Holistic Healers and Nutritional experts have known about the incredible healing nature clay for years. Veterinarians started recommending Calcium Montmorillonite clays in the 1960's soon after the study of ION-MIN that was commissioned by N.A.S.A. and the Nutramin® dietary supplement for all animals was created for this market.