DETOXIFICATION:  Terramin - A Safe, Effective All-Natural Internal Detoxifier


Today, in a world where GMO food toxins, nutrition deficient foods, and our environment exposes us to heavy metals, mercury, radiation and the effects of UVA rays from an ever weakening ozone layer.  What do we do?


With 7 billion people on the earth, we are faced with increasing regularity with toxins, pathogens and mankind is finding more evidence that our bodies store much of the junk we get exposed to and need to regularly “clean” out our systems and detoxify against these radical elements.


Clay has been used for thousands of years as a means to detoxify against the natural dangers but now we have not only exposure to ever mutating toxins and pathogens that mutate to get stronger every day due to our chemical attempts to kill them.  We have to contend with these and all the manmade toxicity caused by a lack of environmental responsibility.


Nuclear radiation covers the world from the problems of Fukushima, Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island and the other 50 plus incidents of nuclear leaks and early tests and eventual show of force that blankets our sweet world with a noxious, silent enemy of radiation. 


Man has only begun our attempts to protect our environment as we now know this is the secret to longevity.  Until such time that the effects of environmental influences outweigh the importance of corporate profits, we have to take responsibility for ourselves.


Premium Montmorillonite clay products that California Earth Minerals sells through their independent Dealer and Medical Practitioner’s wholesale channels are superb for detoxification.  Terramin removes much of the earth junk that our bodies absorb in day to day living.


 Terramin’s negative ionic charge, particle size, surface area, pH and safe level of natural elements make it an ideal choice as a natural detoxifier.  The strong negative ionic charge and immense surface area are two important characteristic of an edible clay. 


 When using clay as a detoxifier, it would be wise to learn about “safe and effective” premium montmorillonite clays.  Montmorillonite clay and Bentonite clay have different characteristics and montmorillonite is clearly a better choice for internal use as a body detoxifier, though montmorillonites are much rarer.   Terramin is a premium montmorillonite clay, proven safe and effective since 1946.