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Use of ION-MIN® Premium Montmorillonite Products for Topical Applications

Clay has been used topically for thousands of years. Just think of the North American Indian Tribes that had to edible clay tribles improvise when their skin was injured or if they had a bacterial infection. These ancient people found clay and its incredible anti- bacterial properties fixed their wounds, cuts, insect bites and even saved lives. They discovered that certain clays quickly relieved the pain from these problems when applied directly to the area of concern. The anti-bacterial properties protected against infection, removed toxins and promoted faster healing. This was their miracle. With survival being foremost on their minds, they could ill afford to be injured for a prolonged period. Modern Civilizations inherited this lesson from these wise people: skin loves the trace minerals in Montmorillonites and it responds positively to its use as a topical aid. As in the past, today it is still used as a natural pain relief and removing toxins from insect, spider and bug bites, as well as providing protection against bacteria.

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Modern day Researchers, Shelley Haydel and Lynda Williams at Arizona State University (ASU) teamed up to study the remarkable antibacterial properties of Montmorillonite clays. They were astounded to find that ION-MIN Montmorillonite clay is among the leaders of the most potent antibiotics that fights and destroys even the most dangerous "flesh-eating" bacteria.
National Institutes of Health (NIH) program directors were interested too. They awarded a large grant, over two years to Williams and Haydel for the study of clay mineral alternative treatment.

What makes this award even more interesting is the rarity for geochemists to net a NIH grant. Notes, Lynda Williams: "We're closer than ever before to understanding 'healing clays'." This team of astute professionals is continuing its antibacterial clay research, but the “discovery” is actually an application of an age-old remedy learned from out ancestors.

The power of an active, ionic charged premium Montmorillonite clay to heal, detoxify, disinfect and support healthy living is brought to light in the study by these bright Scientist. Clay is not dirty. On the contrary, it is the essence of clean! Premium Montmorillonite clays are antibacterial, antitoxin and mediated pathogens. Such is ION-MIN, a premium calcium Montmorillonite clay, available from California Earth Minerals’ Dealers and Distributors both Domestic U.S and International. Find a Local Dealer or if you wish to open your business account: Click Here. Medical Practitioners, Dealers, Distributors are invited to apply.

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Click here to learn more about the findings from the ASU study and see what the           brilliant team of Williams and Haydel discovered that can be life saving.


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ION-MIN®, a natural, premium Montmorillonite clay. Montmorillonite is the name of a clay that has the physical
properties of the first commercial clay deposit found by mankind. The clay deposit was located in Montmorillon, France.
Graphic content warning: Click here to learn more about the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA
infections from

Learn More from the National Institute of Health. See the abstract titled, “Evaluation of the medicinal use of clay
minerals as antibacterial agents”, showing that Premium Montmorillonite Clays are a potent ally when skin conditions become problematic. ION-MIN ® was used in this study.

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