What is a Detox Clays

Clay detox is becoming popular. Which detox clays earn the top performance recognition?

If you are contemplating a clay based detox therapy, then you are probably thinking it's a temporary cleanse or one-time event.  And you are looking for the best detox clay for your money.  But before you embark on a clay detox treatment, you should consider using clay as a preventive treatment & supplement so toxins don't get the chance to build up.

Whether you are using clay detox daily or to feel better, there are several alternatives for clay-based cleansing that you should know about.  Here we rank detox clays based on overall effectiveness, safety, tolerability, and ease of use.

1.  A popular substance these days is zeolite.  It is touted as a clay, but in fact it is a class of mineral molecules with similar properties to clays, but with a less bio-compatible structure.  Zeolites are harsh because they are porous or fibrous, and many people are allergic to them.  Some zeolites are even classified as carcinogens.  Most zeolites do have an adsorptive (ionic "pulling") power, but they do not generally carry a viable mineral payload. 

  • Zeolite is a "3" and should be used with caution

2.  Kaolins are often used as detox clays, and they have been put into products for many years as antidiarrheals, for example in Kaopectate.  But science has determined that this clay does not have strong ionic a absorbency.  It absorbs, but it does not assertively pull toxins out or attach to them electrostatically.  This clay is best used for soothing an irritated stomach and digestive tract.

  • Kaolin is a "5" and is for gently and light approaches to clay detox

3.  Clays, particularly "Bentonites" that contain organic matter are a bit riskier because you are receiving too much dead plant matter, and the by-products of ancient organic decay.  Nevertheless, many people have successfully used these clays and the acids contained in them for detoxification and soothing digestion.  They're worth a try, but the organic variables make them risky.  Some acids leftover from decayed plants are not well tolerated.

  • Mixed clays and organics/acids are a "6" as a clay detox

4.  Sodium Bentonite, often just called "bentonite" is popular, but it should only be used as a topical/skin detoxification agent or as a bathing clay.  The reason is that it swells and becomes plastic or putty-like and can block the colon.  It is used in cat litter, and cats who have ingested it have become sick from the blockage.  lathough they tend to have a strong pH, they contain too much sodium.   This is not a good edible clay detox, but it is often a good skin cleanser.

  • For complete detox, the Bentonites with sodium are a "5"

5.  Other bentonites and "fuller's earth" can be too impure to be certain what you are getting.  Nevertheless, some do have a good detox effect.  It's risky, but it depends on the clay and the persons metabolism.  There is too much variation between sources for you to be certain you have a safe and effective clay for detox.

  • Impure Bentonites are a "7" because some are good, but not all

6.  The best overall clay for detox is Calcium Montmorillonite, which is sometimes called Calcium Bentonite.  The more pure it is, the more it is actually Montmorillonite.  Bentonites often contain quartz which you do not want, or other mineral molecules.  However, pure Calcium Montmorillonite of fine powder from a trusted source is a powerful detox clay and the good ones have a balanced mineral payload.  But do not use the liquid clay detox products, as there is not enough clay in them to be effective for most people.  Get good, clean powder.

  • Used as directed, Calcium Montmorillonite clay is a "10"!

calcium montmorillonite clay

Clay detox is generally safe, but not always effective unless the clay you use is a premium clay from a reliable producer.  Always check quality and don't just buy on price alone.  When you want to use clay to detox, you should not take chances on clays with impurities or that may contain molds and bacteria.

Consider purity, particle size, mineral content, and the right mineral species before you embark on a clay detox regimen.  if you are trying to resolve an internal illness or have other health complications, or if you are taking prescribed medications, always seek medical advice before a clay detox.

We find the best detox methods are a combination of good health habits and regular use of clay for detox and minerals.  Don't just cleanse when you feel sick.  Live healthy!

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