The Top Seven Minerals for Anti-Stress Nutrition

February 28, 2013

Minerals are the key to combating stress with proper nutrition. First get your minerals right then work on vitamins.

The stress-nutrition correlation

Stress and nutrition are related in several ways.  Minerals are the key to this relationship.  Your brain cells and nervous system utilize minerals to deliver electrical signals to every part of your body.  Your mineral inventory must be balanced and enriched.  Most people are not only deficient in stress-relieving minerals, but also possess the wrong ratios of these mineral elements.

  • Stress affects nutrition by rapidly destroying minerals that help keep the body healthy in times of stress.
  • Nutrition deficiencies occur when stress is high enough to discharge more minerals than your body is taking in. This directly attacks your health, causing you more worry and stress along with disease.
  • Proper anti-stress nutrition begins with taking the proper balance of bio-available minerals.  Mineralizing your body will allow it to function holistically, and tolerate, deflect, and cope with stress so the anxiety, worry and disfunction does not take over.

Minerals protect your immune system and open natural channels for detoxification.  Minerals activate enzymes and collaborate with vitamins to improve overall anti-stress nutrition.  This increases resiliency and reduces pain.

Most people with clinical depression are mineral deficient.  Deficiencies in minerals such as potassium, sodium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and manganese have been known to produce depression.  This is what they mean by an altered brain chemistry.  Stress nutrition always comes back to minerals!

The top anti-stress nutrition supplements are all minerals.  They include:

  1. Magnesium is often called the anti-stress mineral because it has a calming effect when taken. Its soothing properties induce restful sleep. It is very much needed by the person who has a hyperactive nervous system, or one who is hot-tempered, overly active, or agitated.
  2. Zinc:  Stress directly weakens the immune system.  Zinc is an immune booster and helps you resist infection
  3. Calcium helps you to relax, and is a constituent of healthy tissue, helping you to feel better, reduce pain and reduce stress.
  4. Chromium stabilizes blood sugar levels, which directly affects thinking and mood.  It works well with vitamin C.
  5. Selenium increases the effectiveness of vitamin E to help stressed bodies heal.  it is a wonderful antioxidant and in deficient people it can directly elevate mood.
  6. Manganese nourishes the brain and builds a healthy nervous system.  It works with Vitamin B1 for improved brain function.  Make sure you get enough of this stress nutrition mineral
  7. Potassium:  most people need a lot more potassium, calcium and magnesium, and less sodium.  This electrolyte balance directly affects your cellular stress and helps optimize cell respiration, which feeds nutrients to the cell.

Perfect nutritional supplement for stress

ION-MIN ® is the perfect stress-nutrition supplement because it provides the best form of colloidal, ionic, bio-available minerals to the body in a buffered, controlled-release form. ION-MIN® is the super-premium calcium montmorillonite variety that is in TERRAMIN® and other premium brands that carry the ION-MIN® insignia.

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