Terrasilk for All Natural Silky SkinTerrasilk for All Natural Silky Skin


Terrasilk is used globally as a face skin aid


Excellent skin toning - skin feels silky smooth

Kills bacteria - reduces skin's oil production


Contains over 50 powerful clay minerals

Aid for psoriasis, eczema, acne and other

Problematic skin conditions

Immediate pain relief and treatment for cuts,

abrasions, scratches and insect bites.

Used as a tooth powder it kills odor causing

bacteria, strengthen gums and whiten teeth

Terrasilk is an all-natural
, ionic mask and clay mineral powder. Hydrated to a paste, the natural ionic minerals soothe, tone, and clean your skin. Your complexion will be instantly brighter, fresher, and younger-looking.

No other product on the market better supports natural cleansing of skin, pores, and sub-dermal layers to keep your skin healthy.                                                                                                                 

This powerful antimicrobial cleans skin and contains over 50 trace minerals that helps revitalize and restore a healthy skin's glow. Terrasilk is composed of nanoparticles that are straight from nature, it easily penetrates deep into your skin, at the cellular level. The result is supple, silky and a healthy skin glow.  

Facial treatment: In minutes, it tightens your skin. It has a soothing effect and feels quite pleasant.  As the mixture dries, you can see the complex of ionic minerals within the clay working to pull out impurities while nourishing your complexion.

Kills Bacteria on contact and provides immediate pain relief.  It is 100% Natural and provides significant benefits when used topically for skin irritations, cuts, scratches, and insect bites.  Helps stop the itching and will make the area bacteria free.

Terrasilk also removes toxins and pathogens.  It works to heal your skin and offers relief from pain.  It is good to have a supply available in the house, especially if you have children.  It is also wise to have it available if you are living an active lifestyle that includes sporting activities.  Good for the environment and truly good for you.

BONUS: Terrasilk has the ability to remove tartar from your teeth and aids in creating a bright white smile.  It also kills odor causing bacteria and it is all natural.  A safe and natural way to healthier gums and improved teeth color.

Visit us at www.CaliforniaEarthMinerals.com  to learn more about this effective product.  Contact us to learn about our business opportunities for those entrepreneurs that want to make money and provide Calcium Montmorillonite Clay ION-MIN products for the betterment of all.  Our products are all natural and come from a very special deposit at our mine in the Colorado River Delta.  This product has been on the market since 1946 and we are the only clay that was tested by N.A.S.A and approved for use by the Astronauts.  It is safe for men, women and children of all ages.

Instructions for Use


Facial Treatment: Blend Terrasilk with water to create a smooth paste to a creamy peanut butter texture Mix the water in slowly as it does not take a lot.  Apply to face and neck areas by hand using the first and middle fingers or you can use a medium brush.  In minutes you'll feel it begin to revive and caress your skin. As the mixture dries, you can feel the complex of trace minerals within the clay working to pull out impurities while nourishing your complexion.  After 20-30 min,  rinse thoroughly and pat dry the skin.  If the skin feels a little dry, follow the treatment with a facial skin moisturizer.  For best results: use 2-3 times a week or daily as needed.  The first use can cause a slight redness or what appears to be a break out or mild rash.  This occurs if the skin has been exposed to toxins or bacteria and it has been a while since the face has had a deep cleansing. The toxins are being drawn out of the pores and removed from your skin.  It gets better with each use. For a special treat, replace the water with fresh squeezed lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.  Apple cider vinegar has been effective in removing age spots.  When using with apple cider vinegar, we recommend leaving it on for 10-15 minutes.  If your skin is normally dry, it is not necessary to let the clay dry completely on your face.  You can keep it hydrated by spraying a sterile water on it.  Many people like to use rosewater.  Keep it moist and rinse it off in 20-25 minutes.  For skin that has more natural oils, let the clay dry completely (until it becomes ash white) then rinse and pat dry.

Psoriasis, Eczema and Acne:  Mix TerraSilk with a good sterile water to a creamy texture and apply by hand to the problem area. Also, the clay can be mixed and shaped into patches on a flat surfaced large enough to cover the affected area, lift and apply. It is good to hold the patches in place with a wrap such as Saran wrap making sure to avoid breathing area. Let Terrasilk dry until it appears to a light color. Carefully rinse off and pat dry your skin. If the skin is exceptionally dry, use a slight amount of moisturizing lotion where needed. Repeat this treatment as often as needed.  Repeated use of the clay, over a little time works better than a onetime use.  Use it when you first notice the disorder or spots and as needed after that until the condition is controlled.

Pain relief:  If you suffer from a cut, scratch, abrasion or insect bite, clean the area well with warm soapy water; apply the clay directly to the area around the wound and a thicker amount on the affected area.  Apply to the thickness of a U.S. quarter coin.  Keep the clay in place until it dries.  You should feel the pain relief immediately upon the application of the clay.  Always consult with a Doctor or medical practitioner if there is serious pain, swelling or bleeding, etc. 

Teeth & Gum Treatment:  Sprinkle a small amount of TerraSilk directly on your toothbrush  or on your regular toothpaste and brush as usual making sure you brush your gums. Also, TerraSilk can be packed directly to the tooth gum line and left on as long as possible, even overnight. The clay has a wonderful effect in helping heal gums and whitening teeth.  It is also effective in controlling tartar.

New uses for Clay are constantly being discovered and re-discovered.  If you have a comment or a way that you use clay that is different or unique, please contact us and let’s share with the world.  We are proud to offer your suggestions to others so they too, can benefit. 

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