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Terms and Conditions



The Following terms and conditions represent the criteria of becoming and remaining as an authorized reseller of goods and services provided by California Earth Minerals, a California Corporation.  Businesses that comply with these terms and conditions will be able to serve as an authorized reseller of goods and services provided by them and business that fail to comply with these terms and conditions, will not. 


California Earth Minerals is a consumer conscious manufacturer and distributor and ask those that resell our products to act responsibly and promote a marketplace where consumers can buy genuine, ION-MIN, premium calcium montmorillonite clay products in a stress free environment.


In this understanding, California Earth Minerals is referred to as, Distributor, and the person or entity acting as a reseller of the Distributor products or services, is, herein,  referred  to as, Dealer.  


Dealer will represent all products that Dealer purchases for its own use from California Earth Minerals in the following manner.


•       Dealer will operate using standard fair business practices.

•       Dealer understands the limited amount and value of premium montmorillonite clays and acknowledges it is not to be sold using distressed merchandise discounting methods.  Dealer further understands that the MSRP is more than a price suggested by the manufacturer.  It is also a value statement of what it takes to bring the products to market and still offer a real value to the consumer.  It is a suggested figure but the maximum amount of discount offered to their buyers should not exceed agreed amounts as shown in the documents provided by request.  Request a Reseller kit to be sent via email .

•        Additionally, the maximum discount should only be associated with larger volume orders.

•       A Similar caveat applies to those dealers that because of the rarity of the product will want to set their prices over the MSRP. 

California Earth Minerals will not sell to  businesses that charge more than 20% over the MSRP.


•       Dealer will not misrepresent the product or the product benefits in any manner.

•       Dealer will not disrupt the containers provided by the Distributor or  repackage the product or distribute it in any container not provided by the Distributor, unless there is a separate agreement with Distributor

•       Dealer will not rename or rebrand products purchased from the Distributor, unless there is a separate agreement with Distributor.

•       Dealer may not add to or inject anything into the containers provided by Distributor so the packages can be delivered in a new, unopened condition when it goes into the hands of the eventual user.

•       Dealer will not claim exclusive rights to resell within a given territory or region unless there is an agreement in effect with the Distributor.

•       Dealer agrees to operate legally, ethically and morally when dealing with their customers regarding products provided by the Distributor.


Dealer or Distributor can cancel this buy and sell relationship at any time, for any reason.  California Earth Minerals encourages more specific written agreements when a Dealer seeks to private label or wishes to become an area Exclusive Distributor for California Earth Minerals premium montmorillonite clay products.