A Solution for CLEANUP of OIL SPILLS from Our Oceans.

February 18, 2013

The Answer is Literally Right Under Our Feet!
Oil Spills in the Oceans of the World have been a problem for many years.  Now we are facing one of the largest disasters in the known history of our planet .  It is being called, "TheBP Oil Spill and alternatively, "The Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.”

California Earth Minerals is working diligently to provide information to BP OIL Haliburton Deepwater Horizon and our Government officials that ION-MIN is a natural solution that can be used to clean up the oil spill and end this tragedy. ION-MIN is a 100% natural solution that not only adsorbs the oil in the ocean but also is beneficial for the environment on land.

ION-MIN has been used to fertilize the earth, feed the fish, polish the water and provide nutrients since 1946.  It has the capability to cause the oil in a spill to bead up and become heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the ocean.  There are natural microbial organisms on the ocean floor that will break down the spilled oil into harmless matter.
After the oil is dissolved what remains is rich, natural clay that enhances life around it. 
Be it plant life, both benefit from the nutrients in the clay.  ION-MIN is effective in open deep water oceans and it will keep the leaked oil away from our shorelines.
Pelicans, seagulls and other ocean dwelling birds that get bogged down when the floating oil (that is lighter in weight than the ocean water) comes into contact with them as they rest on the top of the water would be protected.
The use of ION-MIN to clean up the marshlands and the beaches is also advised.  We all have seen the long term devastation of natural preserves and vital marshlands that the crude oil causes.  ION-MIN will make the clean up andrestoration of these sanctuarieseasier and less expensive than current methods.
The fish and sea going creatures like seals and dolphins won't come into contact with the oil that floats away from the leaking well heads because it is weighted down by the clay and sinks to lie harmless on the ocean floor. 
The unique tetrahedral surface area of ION-MIN is ideally suited for gathering  floating crude oil on its huge surface area. This large surface area results from the shape of the clay particulate. The weight of the clay causes the floating oil to sink safely to the bottom, where it will naturally decompose. As little as 10 grams of ION-MIN has a surface area that is equivalent to the surface areaof an Olympic size swimming pool.  Its adsorbable index is extremely high so a little will go a long way.
ION-MIN makes a completely natural solution for cleaning up oil spills from our oceans viable because it is so effective and it is also inexpensive.  The end result is a better environment for generations to come.
The tragedy that is playing out every day in the Gulf of Mexico because of this spill can be cleaned up with ION-MIN and California Earth Minerals is asking the help from everyone that reads this article.  Oil Spills, anywhere are problematic for every human on earth.  It has both social and economic impacts that are devastating. 
The way we can all help is to download thepresentation from the link on the home page of www.californiaearthminerals.com and forward it to anyone that has influence with the decision makers at BP, Haliburton, the U.S. Government's task force or anyone else that can cause decision makers to take a long and serious look into the answer for cleaning up this life altering oil leak.
Think of the possibilities!  When ION-MIN is proven to be the elixir to this ecological disaster, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will become a few ugly pages in our history books. 
Furthermore, in the future, if an oil spill from a super tanker or from a malfunctioning deep sea oil rig occurs, Humankind will have a solution that is valuable for the environment in two ways.  The first is to stop the flow of the oil through the water and the second is to restore it to its pristine state.   
Naturally, the answer is right under our feet!