Soil Conditioner for the Health of Your Land

March 15, 2013

If organic growers are to be wise custodians of their growing space, they must first optimize their soil. Organic soil conditioners are natural investments in a healthy earth.

Boy do I dislike the term soil conditioner...

It sounds like a cream you use to control tangled leaves.  Nevertheless, we find ourselves in the market for organic soil conditioners.  First, let’s understand what the tem means and why it is important to farmers, growers, vintners, gardeners and cultivators of all kinds.

A soil conditioner is any product that enriches and amends a soil to improve its fertility.  This conditioning can be crop-specific, or more likely soil and region specific.  In other words, to condition a soil is to add elements to it that change its character and functionality in a way that improves the growing habitat.

calcium montmorillonite clayAccording to Wikipedia, the type of conditioner added depends on the current soil composition, climate, and the type of plant. Some soils lack nutrients necessary for proper plant growth and others hold too much or too little water. A conditioner or a combination of conditioners corrects the soil's deficiencies. Lime is used to make soil less acidic, as is lime-containing crushed stone. Fertilizers, such as peat, manure, anaerobic digestate or compost add depleted plant nutrients. Materials such as clay, vermiculite, hydrogel, and shredded bark will make soil hold more water. Gypsum releases nutrients and improves soil structure. Sometimes a soil inoculant is added for legumes.

Unless clay is incorporated into a healthy crumb structure, water may bond to it too strongly to be available to plant roots.  The best clay for use in supplements is Calcium Bentonite, also known as Calcium Montmorillonite.

When you want the best soil possible, no ordinary clay will do.  Many clays are not suitable for optimal farming and gardening.  They swell too much and don't have the right mix of minerals, or are not ionically charged.  But the best and most fertile soils in the world have natural, volcanic ash-clay that makes plants grow like magic!

In this sense, EARTHFOOD™ is a perfect soil conditioner.  It performs immediate and long term remineralization, which is the prime directive of a soil conditioning supplement.  It performs the following functions of an organic soil conditioner:

  • Adds mineral nutrients from a 100% natural source.
  • Provides the cation exchange capacity needed for the soil to hold onto its nutrients and buffer the release of minerals and nitrogen to the plant roots.
  • Absorbs water, and water-soluble fertilizers so they don’t simply escape in runoff
  • Adds a slight amount of base pH to counteract over-acidic soils
  • Adds ionic charge to improve soil interaction with plants and humus
  • Delivers 57 macro, micro and trace minerals to support all crops and crop rotation schemes
  • Supports healthy organic soil undergrowth and compost
  • Has an incredible surface area; won’t clump as it holds water and nutrients

soil pyramid for calcium montmorillonite clay conditionerWe believe EARTHFOOD™ is the finest calcium Bentonite – Montmorillonite clay on the market.  It is a superior soil conditioner for organic growers of all kinds.

All the landowner has to do is till in into the topsoil and plant.  Results will become apparent in your next crop, including:

  • More nutritious crops
  • Stronger, healthier plants that are more resistant to disease and pests
  • Faster growth, better yield
  • Better tasting and robust looking produce
  • Improved land value

The best soil conditioner is a one-time investment in soil health and potency.  And the best soil conditioner is calcium Bentonite or Montmorillonite clay...and we believe ours is the best of the best.

Call us for a quote and an ROI calculation of how our soil conditioner and enrichment method can improve your organic harvest!
Maybe I can learn to enjoy the term soil conditioner, and let the tangles take care of themselves.


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