Natural Disasters and Mankind

Do the Decisions of Mankind Pose a Greater Threat Than All the Natural Disasters Faced to Date?

 Do the recent tragic events around the world have you thinking about the extreme “what ifs?” in life, more than any other time in your lifetime? What about our economy? What will our expensive thirst for oil and natural gas do to our plane? What if my health is lost? What if we have a massive fire ore are in the path of a horrendous mudslide? What if we experience a Tsunami, Earthquake? Tornado...Flood...a major Hurricane?

It may surprise you, but man has created a situation that poses a threat to humans that is far greater than all the natural catastrophes that humankind has ever experienhced throughout all of our history. The threat of simultaneous meltdowns of only a few of any of the many Nuclear Power Plants in operation around the world is that threat If you think, "That could never happen", think again.

Since the Nuclear age began, there have been over 50 nuclear "catastrophes"**, where harmful radiation has leaked into our atmosphere. Some of these radiation leaks were recent and deadly, "incidents" at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania in 1979 and in 1986, Chernobyl, Russia are still clear memories. Due to the long life of radioactive elements, the exposure we have experienced from all the nuclear events are, unfortunately, very recent and the problems from the exposure will be with us for many more generations.

Now, Fukushima, Japan and the Daiichi Nuclear power plant. Reports from around the Globe show increased atmospheric radiation due to the leaks there. It continues, relatively unchecked. Since one plant has this much world-wide impact, consider there are 22 Nuclear Power stations in Japan alone.

What if.....? In America, our Eastern Seaboard was recently shaken by an average size earthquake and the largest issue was the impact on the Nuclear reactors and the very real possibllity of another radiation leak.