Natural Relief from the Effects of Radiation

September 11, 2011

Could ION-MIN be an Effective Block Against Radiation?
Perhaps there is a great discovery for mankind in the mystery of certain rare deposits of calcium montmorillonite as we learn more about its incredible properties.   Is it to help by being eaten or will the best use be in decontaminating water that is radioactive?
There are studies currently underway (and the results are very positive) that calcium montmorillonite clay with a strong zeta potential does remove radioactive elements from water when filtered through a clay slurry.  There are many testimonials about the health benefits received when eating ION-MIN, a California Earth Minerals premium calcium montmorillonite clay.  
We pray the great minds of our scientific men and women in the world will work together and find something that will help in this mixed-up world of Three-mile island, Chernobyl and a world that has seen past accidents at nuclear power plants starting as early as 1952.*   The tragedy of Fukishima and the unavoidable catastrophe is another example of why the whole world needs to be concerned and why we desperately need to work together to find answers to these dangers. 
Who knows? Thirty to fifty million years ago, when ION-MIN started being deposited in the area of our mine in the Colorado River Delta, perhaps it was part of a divine plan for humans to discover a way to protect us from ourselves. It is our hope that it will be helpful in maintaining our total well being.
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