Montmorillonite Clay for Sale

February 18, 2013

We sell the best Bentonite Clay at incredibly affordable prices. Find out how we do it!

Montmorillonite clay for Sale

The reason we have such great prices and such amazing quality bentonite clay is because we own the mine.

montmorillonite clayWe're perhaps the only national supplier of premium, supplement and cosmetics quality Bentonite clay in America that owns its mine and has been selling this amazing material for over 40 years.  And we're confident we can keep you supplied with consistent quality at great prices.  Our surveyors tell us we have up to 40 billion tons of Montmorillonite-type bentonite clay underground, in pristine condition, rich with 57 ionic, colloidal trace minerals!

What is Bentonite clay?

Bentonite clay is a natural mineral "ore" in the form of a finely grained powder that contains a secret ingredient called Montmorillonite.  The more Montmorillonite and the less other clays and rock particles, the more highly valued it is.  Our bentonite clay is nearly 100% Calcium Montmorillonite.  And the particle size is so fine it feels like talc.

montmorillonite clayAs a healing agent, it is unsurpassed by any botanical or chemical agent in the market.  Bentonite clays can deliver desperately needed trace minerals..the kind you will not find in a multi-vitamin pill...the kind that don't get big news, but are needed often in hyper-trace doses to keep you strong and healthy.  As a detoxifier of heavy metals and toxins, Bentonite clay is better than most any treatment or botanical cleanser you can find.  And it is safe.  Put bentonite clay in the ground and plants grow 30% bigger and healthier.  In water, it filters and decontaminates even murky swamps.  Animals seek it in the wild to self medicate.  It is an astounding wellness product that is a gift from nature.  Discover it for yourself!
This is fundamentally important:  Research indicates that the finer the bentonite clay material, the more likely its ionic power can be magnafied across more surface area per gram.  Our clay is called ION-MIN®.  Come join us by reviewing our science and news pages to find out how to begin feeling better, stronger, and more alive through the power of calcium bentonite clay for detoxification and remineralization!
ion min

The right bentonite

Don't buy inexpensive substitutes, diluted liquids, or impure composites.  Get the purest montmorillonite in its all natural, mineral-rich form from California Earth Minerals.  We make both powdered and tablet form, for internal and topical applications, as well as animal and environmental health.  We welcome reseller inquiries.  Join the wellness revolution!  Bentonite clay is the cleanest mud you'll ever love!

Evidence & research

Oh, and don't just take our word for its tremendous health-promoting properties.


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