It is a Business Opportunity Only if the Net Profits Say So

Business is an Opportunity if There is a Net Profit
In every business opportunity, the numbers that are created in the Net Profit Column are the sacred numbers. Those positive numbers (when and if they exist as a positive) are indicators that your business is running efficiently and is sustainable. If your net profit columns are negative numbers, something needs to be done and right now! If your business is an ongoing enterprise, it won’t be going on long without those precious net profit figures.
Net profits are calculated after all expenses and the cost of the service or the product being sold. The expenses have to include salaries, rent, utilities, phones, computers, etc. Anything you use to produce a sale is an expense of the sale. Now, you probably won’t sell one item and make enough money to pay all the expenses and build a net profit, so you want to use a portion of the profit dollars earned from that sale to allocate toward paying those expenses. This is where the volume of sales and the profit margins on the sales join to establish either positive happy numbers in your net profit column or negative sad numbers there.
Let’s take an example where an entrepreneur wants to make a net profit of ten thousand dollars for his business. How much sales volume would be needed? This is a rhetorical question here, but it should be one of the primary calculations you determine to see if the team, the product, the profit margins and the expenses can be accomplished realistically. Spend some time with a calculator and see if your new Business opportunity is really an opportunity or not.