Is my Business Green?

Is Green a Color or a Way of Life?
 A green business does everything it can to lessen their carbon footprint.   A carbon footprint is the residual effect the business has on the environment. Strangely a Company can sell products that are totally green, and still not be green because it may also be doing things that are not considered good for the environment. Green is no longer just a color; it also speaks to a way of life.
As an example, suppose a Company chose to start a business using CEMC’s Green Business Initiative. They decide to represent all the ION-MIN brands as well as Terramin and place their first order. They believe they are a green business. They are, partially. What if they chose to not recycle trash or use recycled paper and other eco-friendly office supplies? What if they are disposing of electronic equipment by throwing away the old computers, monitors, batteries and such? If Companies act in this manner, they cannot be considered a green business.
California Earth Minerals believes in green businesses. Contact them about their green business opportunity initiative today. 
Going Green is a commitment to lessen the burden of detrimental human influences on our environment. Not just by purchasing a product that is green, but more importantly by committing to consider every action and try to do it in the most environmentally friendly way possible.