ION-MIN Premium Montmorillonite and Nuclear Threats

September 11, 2011

Nuclear Power is Here to Stay. Are You Prepared?
Nuclear plants may very well have their place in our current world of world struggles over energy supplies. What with all the challenges we face in a search for inexpensive and reliable energy sources, Nuclear energy does provide relief, of sorts, however recent events clearly warn us of the potential danger these, sophisticated "water boilers" present to everyone on Earth.

How can we best prepare and protect ourselves now and for the future? Increased Nuclear proliferation seems imminent and this means the potential of increased negative incidents and increasing levels of radiation in our atmosphere. Over time, radiation spreads. The half life of some radioactive elements are measured in decades., some in thousands of years. A “half life “is the time required for a radioactive element to decay by half. The problems caused today will plague our Grandchildren, their Grandchildren and even further in time than even their Grandchildren will see.

It is clearly known that exposure to some radioactive isotopes cause cancers, tumors and most will attack the immune system. Some isotopes cause major health problems for future generations due to the genetic mutations they create. Radiation is clearly bad for your health and should be avoided whenever possible. If you cannot avoid the exposure, you can be proactive in finding some relief for yourself. Look for natural help as it is more effective and works with your body.

As individuals, there is little that we could do to prevent problems with existing Nuclear plants, but there are things we can do that can offer relief to individuals exposed to these problems! This is important information because those individuals happen to be all of us, on Earth. No individual is exempt from radioactive contamination, whenever and wherever it occurs.

Be encouraged though, because recent scientific studies indicate there may be some help in the form of an ancient natural product. There is something that our beautiful Mother Earth has provided to us that has taken her millions of years to make. You say, “if it took her millions of years, it must be good.”

Yes, it is. Premium calcium montmorillonite clay (bentonite) has been used by humans for thousands of years, topically and internally for all types of health issues and there are thousands of satisfied users currently using it worldwide for a variety of health concerns. ION-MIN from California Earth Minerals is a premium calcium montmorillonite (bentonite) clay. ION-MIN has been commercially produced since 1946 and is being distributed worldwide.