How to Use a Clay to Detox

Healing clays for detox are becoming hugely popular. Here's how to detox with clay the right way!

The best clay detox is messy, fun and healthy! 

ONE:  Using the right kind of clay to detox and cleanse your body makes all the difference.  Select the most pure calcium montmorillonite (calcium bentonite) clay possible.  The difference in the performance of detox clays is a matter of purity.  Calcium Montmorillonite (pronounced mont-more-illo-night) clay is the ideal, and the Bentonites come in various impure varieties, containing various amounts of montmorillonite.

TWO:  Use a 2-in 1 clay.  It should not only pull toxins from the body, but also remineralize with a balanced complement of minerals.  Minerals from the clay help detoxify the body by reviving the body's self-healing capability through complete mineral nourishment.  A properly nourished body with good liver, immune, kidney, and lymph systems can detox itself to a great extent.

THREE:  Use an ingestible detox clay every day...a little more when you are feeling sick.  The colon needs clay detox assistance to eliminate toxins and heavy metals.  Also use a bathing clay to detox through your skin pathway, every week.  Find that 45 minutes to treat yourself to a very warm clay detox bath.  Turn off the world, and let the minerals remove skin toxins and revitalize your body with ionic minerals while you remove stress.

FOUR:  The right kind of montmorillonite clay can be used as a tooth powder to detoxify your mouth, teeth and gums.  it is important to detox your mouth regularly to avoid periodontal disease.  A good, premium calcium montmorillonite acts as an antibacterial, and antimicrobial, as well as a way to remove heavy metals and manmade chemicals.

FIVE: clay detox should be accompanied by other respectful personal detox methods, such as meditation, prayer, laughing, giving, eating more fruits, vegetable and fiber, drinking more pure water, sleeping, and avoiding manmade chemicals and pollutants.

The best spas use clays for massage and body wraps.  Clay detox should be part of your lifestyle!