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Human and Animal Health from California Earth Minerals Products

ION-MIN for the healthPeople who pursue a healthy lifestyle and enjoying ION-MIN® Montmorillonite minerals has been an accepted practice throughout the world for many years.  ION-MIN has been sold commercially since 1946.  It all began with the use of ION-MIN for the health benefits for animals. 

The applications for the Nutramin™ product is now recognized as Universal, for all other animal  species, which all also need minerals for a healthy life, a similarity to mankind that derives from our common genetic bonds. All things on earth are connected to earth.                       

ION-MIN for the health

The key to the healing benefits of ION-MIN® brands is the natural form in which their many  minerals are found in their most effective state and the anti-bacterial nature of these widely recognized premium“living clays”.

ION-MIN® clays are Premium Montmorillonites belonging to the Smectite group of clays. There are two main types of Montmorillonite, sodium and calcium.  Many Sodium Montmorillonites and their cousin, Bentonite are mostly industrial clays.  They are  primarily used in the production of: plaster, oil well drilling mud, cat litter, matches, cement tiles, lubricating grease, paints, copy paper, dynamite, shoe polish, concrete, cleaning agents, wall boards, crayons, and bleaching agents.

living clayCalcium Montmorillonite, the precious type of Montmorillonite, is also known as ”living clay” for it consists principallyof minerals that enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms. The molecularstructure is ideally suited for ingestion and thorough detoxification.  They have a safe pH.   Remember, pH is a measurement of alkalinity and a clay with a pH over nine is reaching a non-desirable state.  Ammonia has a pH of 11.

California Earth Minerals premium Calcium Montmorillonite is called Terramin®. It is the preferred choice to use for humans, in a sense, “edible minerals” direct from a safe source, of “edible clays.”  
The health benefits of Calcium Montmorillonite minerals have been documented in research conducted by many scientists and leading Universities in the United States.  Currently, China is undertaking extensive studies, learning more than ever about the health benefits available by using the natural properties of Montmorillonite clays in general.   

WARNING !!  Do not be fooled by Imposters


Many References to the study of clay commissioned by NASA are found on the Internet today by companies selling their brands of edible clay.  However, thereis only one clay involved in that study that is currently available for purchase.


ION-MIN® is the Clay that was tested by NASA, don't be fooled by the claims of some clay companies that use this important study, as if their clay was studied and it was not!

ION-MIN is the only clay used in the NASA study that is available for use today.


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Concerning the ION-MIN® Montmorillonite brands, Dr. Benjamin H. Ershoff collaborated with Gurwant S. Bajwa,Ph.D,  DVM, through the Institute of Biological Studies in conjunction with the University of Southern California School of Medicine, conducted research for NASA which demonstrated the growth promoting properties of calcium montmorillonite minerals.  See the full report here: NASA Funds Clay Study.

Poultry Department of Texas A&M University

Dr. John H. Quisenberry,while at serving as head of the Poultry
Department of Texas A&M University, researched the beneficial
effects of calcium montmorillonite clays when fed to many farm
animals including horses, pigs and chickens.  


Photo Courtesy of KMKS FM 102.5


Fish NutritionNeva Jensen, a nationally known nutrition expert, wrote a book on Terramin called “The Healing Power of Living Clay,” explaining how the nutrients in certain clays are assimilated in our bodies.  
The US Department of Fish and Wildlife conducted similar studies on trout fish on the SnakeRiver in Hagerman, Idaho by the Tunison Laboratory of Fish Nutrition revealing the same health promoting effects. All of these studies were specific to ION-MIN® clay.  See the Trout study:Click Here


Photo Courtesy USGS -Tunison Laboratory of Aquatic Science

The benefits of Terramin are due to the mineral content or trace elements which are vital to the cellular functions of all forms of living creatures.  The structure of the molecules, the pH, the zeta potential and the energy, which is the magic of this 100% natural product.
Perfect health can only be obtained by a diet which supplies a proper balance of essential mineral nutrients, vitamins,and an active lifestyle with proper rest. Macro and Trace mineral elements are necessary for vitamins and enzymes to function. Without enzymes the body cannot activate certain chemical processes like digestion or the synthesis of proteins within cells. Please check out our personal care page.

Terramin For Humans

Terramin For Humans




Nutramin For Animals

Nutramin For Animals