Green Business Inventory Recommendations

How Important is Inventory to a Green Business?
“How much inventory do I need to start my green business with California Earth Minerals?” This is a great question and one that you should sit down with your accountant or business manager and plan your inventory requirements.  Buy based on your sales projections, and learn your Inventory turn rate.  This is helpful when you plan where and how to store and merchandise your products.
When ION-MIN products are first introduced into a new area, it will take a while to get your green business customers introduced to the benefits of the product and then buy it. It takes a while for the customers to consume the products they buy. The cycle renews when satisfied customers buy from you again. This is a cycle that can be measured and improved by these types of analyses.
California Earth Minerals provides the following information for  your consideration. All of our ION-MIN brands are made of the same calcium montmorillonite clay, named ION-MIN. The difference of our brand application is in the way it is processed. Terramin is our #1 seller, tablets and caplets outsells the powder by 50%. Earthfood is a springtime item; Terrabathe, Terrasilk, Terrapak and Nutramin provide similar percentages of total sales unless the store is a business that features a particular product.
Terrabathe sales better in spas, Terrasilk in beauty parlors Nutramin is a stellar performer in high line pet boutiques where the animal’s health is the primary concern. Natural lifestyle businesses do well with the other products. Try to stock enough inventory to have product ready for each sales opportunity. The money you spend on inventory will be tied up until you make a sale. So plan your marketing efforts to push demand and have enough products to meet the demand created.