Conference 4 - Oil Spills Can Be Conquered with the ION-MIN Plan



The entire ION-MIN Plan Revealed.

1        Will California Earth Minerals ION-MIN clay do the job ?

2        Are there any side effects?
NONE--- We primarily produce this product as a dietary health supplement for human and animal consumption. The product has been in use for over 50 years. NASA used it in the manned space program for astronauts as a calcium supplement to prevented bone loss in zero gravity.

If eaten by birds, fish or animals or human, it will enhance their health. If left on the ground by itself, it will become a natural fertilizer. The product was certified organic as a fertilizer.

3     Do we have enough of the product?

Can't say absolutely because it is not known how much is needed, but we do have proven accessible reserves in excess of 100 million tons.

4    It the mine site accessible?

Yes, paved road (2 miles), railroad (11 miles), sea port (75 miles),  airport (15 miles).

5   Environmental Impact?
Only Positive.

6        Is it Cost Effective?

Yes. We believe this to the best crude oil cleanup method on water and land regardless of cost.

7     How fast can we start shipping?

Depending on volume, permits, type of transportation, with on site portable equipment in place, it can be fully operational rather quickly

ION-MIN is California's Natural Solution for Cleaning Up the Oil Spills from the Oceans.  We respectfully ask BP executives, BP clean up project Manager, Federal, State or Local officials, Halliburton executives to contact us.  Let's discuss the ION-MIN Plan.