Conference 3 ION-MIN Plan, the Natural Solution for Removing Huge Oil Spills



This video explains the process proposed in the ION-MIN Plan and makes an appeal..

 We are working to keep up with the movement toward a decision that some highly stressed executive will be forced to make concerning what methods will be chosen to safely, efficiently, and those that are ecologically sound, affordable and manageable,

Using ION-MIN to clean up oil spills is all that and more. 

Is ION-MIN safe? 

Many people use ION-MIN products for their personal health and have for many years. ION-MIN has been mined and used commercially since 1946.

Is ION-MIN efficient? Preliminary tests are positive but that can be determined in the developmental stage to prove its viability.

ION-MIN is a certain winner in the effect on the ecology. It is a 100% natural product.

Is using ION-MIN to stop the spill affordable? Yes, the volume of ION-MIN that is available and the transportable mining operations this could prove to be the most affordable.
Manageable? It seems that the challenges of turning a concept into a reality are real and complex but the benefits add strength to the cause. There are experts available that can put these systems in place.
ION=MIN is more because it is real. It is waiting for us, the oil spill is not. We encourage anyone that sees this report pass the idea on to others that may have an acquaintance that is near any of those Managers they will choose the fate of us all when they decide what they are going to do with the clean up. Let’s place this proposal, California’s Natural Solution for Cleaning up Oil Spills in the Oceans of the World into the hands of the deciders. It is for the benefit of all.