Conference 2 ION-MIN Plan is Calfiornia's Natural Solution for an Oil Spill

See how the plan is developing. Availability and Mining is Discussed.

We must begin immediately with the ION-MIN plan to stop the massive oil plumes before they cause any more carnage to our sea creatures, birds, beaches and marshlands. 

How do we stop millions of gallons of crude oil that has been cast into the ocean? This oil will inevitably reach our shores and will be disastrous. In its present form, it will devastate anything it contacts and this devastation is very long lasting.

The most effective way is to stop the spill in its tracks immediately! Find a way to prevent it reaching the shoreline and stopping it from wreaking the havoc that will surely happen if we wait.

What can we do? What material is there on the planet that is available in such a large quantity and yet is so affordable?

ION-MIN is that answer! You may ask how ore directly from the ground can be processed, shipped and then broadcast on the spill quickly enough to stop the impending damage. 

Watch all five videos in this series to see the ION-MIN Plan revealed. You will see why we are convinced that ION-MIN is California‚Äôs Natural Solution for Clearing up Oil Spills from the Oceans of the World. We believe that ION-MIN would be a great benefit to BP Oil in their quest to clean up the damage caused by the tragedy of DeepWater Horizon.