Conference 1 The ION-MIN Plan is a Natural Solution to Oil Spills, BP and others

See How the ION-MIN Plan Could be Californi'a Natural Solution to Clean up the OIl Spill in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere in the World

This is the second video in a series of 5. The first video report is the basis for the ION-MIN plan that is considered the concept. ION-MIN is a highly effective absorbent and its special ionic attraction makes it especially useful for removing oil spills from the ocean’s currents.
ION-MIN actually bonds with the crude oil and drives it down to the bottom of the ocean. There are microbial organisms that breakdown the oil. To speed up the process,  organisms can be added to the montmorillonite clay known as ION=MIN and it will be even more effective for cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, otherwise known as, the BP Oil Spill.
Watch all five videos to get an expanded understanding of the ION-MIN plan. Alternatively, you can see the full ION-MIN plan being explained in conference 4.
California Earth Minerals is reaching out to BP and Halliburton and asking for contact by them to let us show how effective the ION-MIN plan is for removing oil from water. It is probably the least expensive solution and it is all natural. It will improve the environment in which it is used.
ION-MIN has been produced commercially from California Earth Minerals mine in the Colorado River Delta since 1946. It has been used for people, animals, fish, water and agriculturally.