CONCEPT: ION-MIN Cleans up Oil Spills in the Oceans of the World

See how the ION-MIN PLan Could Be California's Natural Solution for Cleaning up Oil Spills From the Oceans, Beaches and Marshlands
Watch this first video in our series of 5. This one explains the reason for the ION-MIN Plan. It explains how ION-MIN uses its unique tetrahedral shape, microscopic size, ionic attraction to bond with oil and weigh it down to the bottom of the ocean. See what happens to the oil by watching the video.

There are four more videos that follow. They are numbered 1 through four and are referred to as conferences. We reach out to BP, Halliburton, Federal, State and Local Governments to open a dialogue.
ION-MIN is completely natural and abundantly available. Mining surveys show that the California Earth Minerals mine is one of the largest know deposits of calcium montmorillonite in the world. It is known to be over 100 million tons available for helping to rid the Gulf of Mexico of this oil spill. It wouldn’t take that much but If Oil Companies want to consider this natural solution to the oil spills, there is enough for the current spill and others in the future, if they occur.