Natural Pain Relief with Calcium Montmorillonite


How pain happens

Anyone searching for a natural pain relief remedy should have a basic understanding of how the body generates the sensation of pain. It starts at the edges of the nervous system in specialized cells called pain receptors. Pain receptors are unique nerve endings located throughout the body in most body tissues.

Natural pain relief is seconds away with this incredible compound. Every home should have it.

They transmit pain from injury, disease, movement or environmental stress. These specialized nerve endings are stimulated by release of pain producing chemicals that arise from local blood vessels, connective tissue cells called fibroblasts and specialized blood cells in the tissues called macrophages. Once the nerve endings are stimulated by these chemicals they begin firing the nerves that are connected to them and send pain signals to the spinal cord and brain.

There is actually no physical connection between pain receptors and the nerve receptors. This empty space between the axon terminals and the cell body dendrites is called a synapse. Nerve signals are sent across the synapse in a process that converts an electrical signal traveling down the axon to a chemical transmitter and back to an electrical signal on the other side of the synapse. This occurs in 2/100th’s of a second, with tens of thousands of cells firing at any one time!
Nerves convert electrical energy into chemical energy and back to electrical energy. This is the way all nerve cells in the body function.

How ION-MIN ® works as a natural pain reliever

ION-MIN ® is nature’s original pain relieving medicine.  It is a hydrated Montmorillonite clay, the nanomaterial being studied and used in hundreds of medical and nutritional products today.  This amazing pure-mineral all-natural clay powder is charged with negative ionic electrostatic energy.

The extremely small crystalline platelets interact with the body’s nerves and significantly and naturally reduce the pain of:

  • Cuts
  • Bruises
  • Bites
  • Abrasions
  • Rashes
  • Poison
  • Burns
  • Gastrointestinal pain
  • Myofascial pain

Pain relief can achieve 50% to 90% in some cases. And best of all, this is ION-MIN® is not habit forming, has no side effects and is not a man-made chemical or drug.

What you don’t want to do

We have a choice:  natural pain relief or chemical intervention.  We Americans overuse and perhaps overdose on pain medications that have potentially serious side effects.  Pharmacological analgesics, NSAIDS, narcotics and anesthetics disrupt brain signals and add chemicals to the body that the liver will treat as a toxin.

NSAIDS are particularly risky.  They are chemicals that block the body’s ability to produce enzymes play a key role in making prostaglandins.  They are hazardous to digestive tract.  Many studies have shown that frequent use of NSAIDs can cause secondary ulcers.  71 percent of NSAID users had an injury in the small intestine compared to 5 percent of non-NSAID users.  Twenty-three percent (23%) of those using acetaminophen as opposed to those who took nothing were reported to have severe damage to the small bowel.  The FDA has been more closely examining NSAIDs in recent years and publishing repeated warnings about some serious problems associated with their use.  Acetaminophen if mixed with even a small amount of alcohol is damaging to the liver.  Aspirin and NSAIDs sometimes affect the normal function of the kidneys, or they can cause fluid to accumulate in the body.

According to an article released by the Science Daily in 2005, the mortality rate from NSAID complications is higher than that of serious diseases like cervical cancer and AIDS.  There are quite a number of people who develop allergic reactions to NSAIDs.

Narcotics such as opiates cause the body to produce dopamine which is a chemical that "covers up" severe pain by making you feel "high".

Go natural for pain relief

Treat the source of pain...not the symptom.  Don’t introduce toxic chemicals just to feel better unless you are in severe pain.  Use nature’s original, natural pain relieving substance:  ION-MIN ® Calcium Montmorillonite.  Every home should have it.  Feel well, naturally!

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