Autism Affects Everyone!

February 18, 2013

Review this incredible video from Dr. Mercola. Discover why the plight of Autism is critical to your own health.

Autism has become a modern health crisis.  This spectrum of auto-immune diseases now harms 1 in 100 newborn children.  With 120 million children living in North America, that means soon at least one million kids will acquire one of the several autism-class diseases; and the incidence is increasing.  Because orthodox science has no fundamental understanding of the basis for autism to any precise degree, this pandemic is developing unchecked.  

Autism is a disease family that includes Asperger syndrome, along with two rare disorders, Rett syndrome and childhood disintegrative disorder.  Together, they are known as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), also Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDDs).  These life-altering diseases affect more and more children every year, and they present an overwhelming burden to those families that must cope and struggle with its effects.  Their desperate search for answers and curative therapies is without any scientific guidance from the typical sources of resources and wisdom: government, university, private medical research institutional agencies.  

Autism families are on their own and they are being let down by a scientific establishment that no longer possesses the skills to prevent or cure immune-related diseases.  It appears that such diseases are no longer eradicated because of the intense economic self-interest of the highly profitable and regulated pharmaceutical and medical device establishment, which seeks to administer expensive therapies rather than simply prevent the disease to begin with.

How does Western Medical orthodoxy continue to get a pass in an era when no cures to systemic diseases have been developed for 50 years?  The answer is:  Modern science has ignored the fundamental and easily amended causes of most modern disease.  It has failed to consider the true cause of disease and has refused to discuss the topic as a consideration for public policy. 

And there are only two of auto-imune disease.  In a normal human being (without specific genetic defects at birth and without extraordinary trauma) literally all diseases stem from two interacting causes:

  1. Lack of nutrition to feed our cells what they were intended to receive.
  2. An onslaught of toxins from both natural and manmade origins that overwhelm the body’s ability to decontaminate itself.

These are not the most common sources of disease; they are the only sources of disease in normal humans (and animals)!  These causes are resolved by educated people making informed wellness, consumer and lifestyle choices.

Our autistic children are like the proverbial canaries in the mineshaft.  Each person is vulnerable to any given disorder on a spectrum based on their genetic profile.  Some are more susceptible and others are less so.  The graph of population over disease vulnerability would show a bell curve, where a small segment of the population is genetically susceptible to marginal reductions in nutrition and exposure to toxins followed by a large portion of people in the middle range of exposure, and a few holdouts that can remain symptom-free at high levels.  

But the truth is, nobody needs to succumb to these immuno-suppressant diseases, and if both nutritional inputs and toxic exposure were at pre-modern levels, then no children would exhibit symptoms, even as some are in fact closer to the point of vulnerability.  Whenever the body is assaulted, some will fall first.  The youngest are the most vulnerable because their immune systems are less developed; but the same damage is presented to everyone.  Some are symptomatic and the others are in line.

In other words, our autistic children have a message for the rest of us:  “Our inflicted bodies are telling you that all people living modern lifestyles are undernourished and hyper-toxic.”  The autistic community is the sacrifice modernism has made in its drive to alter its environment and ignore biological truths.  In order for the world to mend, their burden must serve as a lesson: Get back to basics; rediscover nature’s wisdom; prevent—then cure—then treat and most of all: learn to live healthy!

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