Natural Mineral for All Animals


Nutramin®: A Universal, All-Natural Mineral Supplement for All Animals.

Edible Minerals for Pet Health

Micronutrient deficiencies are causing worldwide diseases in people and animals. There is clear evidence that soils used to grow our foods have been stripped of their minerals. Sadly, many important trace minerals vital to achieving maximum health are no longer available in the foods grown in these soil depleted regions. This problem is worldwide and a huge concern among health experts. 

Sometimes, you see the future by looking to the past. Read this insightful article written by a best-selling author, Dr. Al Plechner, a world renown DVM that has dedicated his career to caring for his patients (185,000 to date) written with the perspective of over a quarter of a century, the author provides time-tested advice about combating nutrient deficiency with natural supplementation. 

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Nutramin® is an all-natural, mineral supplement that provides 57 macro, micro and trace mineral nutrients in colloidal form. These rare ancient minerals are found in this ratio, exclusively from products distributed by California Earth Minerals’ authorized resellers.  Apply today to start providing this wonderful health giving product to your customer base.  Animals thrive when they are given Nutramin, all natural edible minerals for all animals.

NUTRAMIN® is Veterinarian Approved and Recommended