Our Mission

California Earth Minerals® produces, markets and distributes ION-MIN® premium mineral products for people, animal, and environmental health. Our products are made from clean "rare-earth" sources of Calcium Montmorillonite clays. ION-MIN® is our major branding for exquisite, naturally-fine-powdered clay-based, inorganic compounds that we produce. All of our products are used to detoxify and re-mineralize internally and topically. We test every product for safety and to insure they meet or exceed standards set for pharmaceutical grade clays.


ION-MIN® brands are becoming recognized as the new way to revitalize and enhance biotic function within human and animal bodies as well as within plants, soils and water environments of all kinds.   mineral supplement

ION-MIN® brands are rare and special forms of all-natural montmorillonite clays - Montmorillonite (pronounced "mont-moe-rill'-o-nite"), which is used to deliver superior health-promoting outcomes, in an all-natural form. ION-MIN® sub brands are: Terramin®,Terrasilk™,Terrabathe™, Terraglacial™, Terrapak®,Terrapond™, Nutramin® and Earthfood plus™.

Calcium Montmorillonite - clay is a naturally occurring mineral compound that originates in the earth's crust. Derived from volcanic and tectonic plate activity as well as a slow, natural deposition process...this amazing compound is richly deposited in active form in only a few places in the world. ION-MIN® mineral powders comes from pure, undisturbed clean clays, the result of eons of natural earth processes that only Mother Earth could provide. We at California Earth Minerals are proud to provide you with these health promoting products.



We are...

Commitment • Integrity • Excellence • Research • Environment


  • At California Earth Minerals®, Inc. we want to make a difference in the world we share. We understand the spiritual connection we all share with our Universe. We are committed to researching and delivering only safe and effective methods to cleanse our environment and advance the cause of public health.

  • We are guided by the integrity that demands we only offer products that we know are safe, effective and reasonably priced, so that we all may benefit from their use. ION-MIN Brands have been sold commercially since 1946 and are happy to share the details of how California Earth Minerals was both blessed and challenged to be able to provide these great products if you provide a written request. California Earth Minerals was formed as a Corporation in 1997 to be able to effectively distribute the rare treasure we call, Terramin.

  • California Earth Minerals strives for excellence in its research and production. We are confident that our products deliver optimum, long lasting results. We are pleased to be able to provide research information on this website. We have studies from Arizona State University, Texas A & M University, Loyola University and a comprehensive study commissioned by NASA and performed by Dr. Benjamin Ershoff and Cal-Tech University. You will see the results and why they were so eager to study our clay.

  • We take pride in knowing that what we do will help the human and animal community, protect the environment, and—little by little—change the world. We have just recently, May 1, 2013, began to focus on our wholesale group of buyers. Medical Practitioners, Dealers, Distributors, Formulators and Private Labelers.

  • California Earth Minerals is committed to developing a variety of applications and products using rare premium Calcium Montmorillonite natural clay minerals. We are determined to help counteract many of the adverse conditions found in modern life-sustaining environments, whether they are atmospheric, aquatic, on land, within animals... and most importantly within humans. All of our active-mineral clay products are 100% clean, natural, and powerful to help support good health and overall well-being. Visit the Testimonials section of this site to see how our community responds.


We would be honored to join with you in providing these great natural health products to your patients, clients and customers. Become a Dealer today.